Environmental Management

Environmental Responsibility

Managing ITW’s environmental performance
ITW maintains a dedicated structure to address environmental management throughout its decentralized operations. The ITW Director of Environmental Health and Safety and Sustainability (EHSS Director) has the highest level of dedicated environmental-related responsibility within the company, reporting directly to the Deputy General Counsel with a line of accountability leading to the CEO. The EHSS Director oversees environmental and regulatory compliance initiatives in cooperation with ITW’s operating leadership. As we evaluate and strive to improve our environmental performance, we take a three-pronged approach:

Implementing policies that guide our activity
Each ITW business is responsible for complying with the ITW Environmental and Safety Policy and the ITW Sustainability Policy. Everyone in the organization has a responsibility to preserve and protect the environment, conduct operations in a safe manner and recognize the potential impacts of ITW’s operations.

Auditing our facilities to drive continuous improvement
ITW’s annual environmental, health and safety compliance audits help ensure that the company’s facilities meet regulatory requirements and reinforce ITW’s commitment to safeguarding the environment. The audits also highlight the ways ITW businesses go above and beyond baseline compliance to reduce the company’s impact on the environment and preserve natural resources.

Reporting voluntarily to organizations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
CDP is an independent, nonprofit organization working to encourage the disclosure of global emissions and water usage by businesses and cities. In 2015, ITW continued its voluntary participation in the CDP investor and water questionnaires. As a result of the company’s CDP participation, ITW has continued to increase its understanding of the impact of carbon emissions and water withdrawals, which are being used to inform ITW’s strategy for reducing environmental impact.


ITW is pleased with its progress in 2015 on a number of environmental aspects - Find environmental impact reporting numbers 2015 here