What do Ultrathane and Ultrachrome offer speakers?

The Ultrathane and Ultrachrome systems are fast cure, solventless polyurethane coatings, which provide tough, flexible, impact resistant “plastic-like” protection to a variety of substrates.

The polyurethane coatings are ideal for speaker enclosures commonly used within:

  • Concerts
  • Studios
  • Stadiums
  • Auditoriums
  • Theme Parks
  • Schools


Easily handles the rigors common to assembling, dismantling and moving large concerts or shows. The tough polyurethane will resist cuts, abrasion and cracking.

As it is spray applied, it forms a completely seamless covering for the substrate

Will resist moisture intrusion, cracking and peeling from weathering or exposure to high humidity conditions. The optional topcoat provides exceptional UV protection

Wide range of hardness
The system is offered as soft elastomers to hard plastics. Depending on the application requirements of your speaker, you can specify either version. Most other systems only offer one hardness.

Aesthetically Pleasing Surface/Texture
Where vinyl and other “sheet-type” covers can gaps, sag and tear, offering a variety of textures

Production Advantages
Cures in minutes and will dramatically speed speaker production when compared to other methods

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