LPG and LNG Carriers

As the demand for clean fuel continues to rise, so does the market for LPG and LNG carriers. These specialized vessels hold large tanks that carry the liquefied gas in cryogenic conditions. 

The cryogenic tanks are primarily supported by wooden blocks made of a special grade of laminated wood. Our TG-7B, in paste or liquid form, is used at the interface between the wood and the tank to create a uniform load bearing surface under the tank.

In addition to its load bearing capability, TG-7B withstands seawater and hydrocarbon vapours, making it suitable for this application. This two-component epoxy mastic/liquid can resist temperatures ranging from -165°C to +40°C while accomodating the thermal contraction and expansion of the tanks in service.

TG-7B is designed to be applied on or under the supporting wooden components in the mounting of all types of LPG/LNG tanks including sliding and fixed support, anti-floating chocks and anti-rolling chock.




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