EPOCAST 36® Chocking Systems

EPOCAST 36® chocking systems are economical and convenient for new building installation and for retrofits due to the absence of any requirements of machining. Installation time is measured in days rather than in weeks normally required for iron chocking. 

EPOCAST 36® chocking systems are simple to use and accomodate a wide range of demanding customer needs. They can be installed under conditions that would normally be challenging for any epoxy grout. This is one of the reasons why EPOCAST 36® chocking systems are used in navy vessels from all over the world. 


Devcon® CELLOFLEX-M is a coating system which avoids corrosion damages to propeller-/ sterntube shafts and couplings exposed to seawater. It is a further development of our experienced and well-tried shaft coating system CELLOFLEX, which has been proven in service thousands of times in navies worldwide. 

Devcon® CELLOFLEX-M is approved by the German Navy and the classification societies ABS, RMRS and LR.

Our shaft coating systems are widely used in the following types of vessels:

  • Navy Vessels
  • Police and coast guard boats
  • Research vessels
  • Ice breakers
  • Yachts

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