Industrial Grout

Industrial Grouts, Polymers and Foundation Systems

Engineered Grouting and Chocking Compounds for large compressors and other high - dynamic, industrial machinery to enhance performance and lower operating costs.

Prolonged Equipment Life

In industrial plants, unexpected or unscheduled plant shutdowns caused by wear in processing machinery, are costly and thus reduce competitiveness. Wear and abrasion is especially familiar in those industries that use large machinery and equipment.

Chockfast provides solutions for foundation issues and significantly prolongs machinery and equipment life. 

Specialized Grouts and Foundation Systems

Chockfast is the foremost global supplier of specialized grouts, polymers and foundation systems for improving industrial equipment performance and reliability while increasing service longevity and lowering operating costs.

For over six decades our Chockfast® grouting and foundation products have proven to be the ideal choice for a wide array of machinery grouting applications in a host of industries worldwide.

Innovation Through Experience

In addition to our best-in-class offering of grouting and foundation products, we also manufacture a complete array of other specialty polymer product solutions for commercial, marine and industrial use.

Our ever-growing experience in world and industrial markets provide us with the resources to remain on the leading edge of technology. We continually strive to create innovative, proven solutions to difficult problems.

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