Protective Coatings

Densit Wear and Abrasion Coatings

Wear is an inevitable effect when handling abrasive materials in processing lines. Wear cannot be
avoided, but it can be controlled by protecting exposed parts of your plant with a wear resistance

More than 250,000 sqm of installed linings in more than 180 cement plants world wide is your guarantee that Densit® wear protection linings are designed to endure.

Our target is to extend lifetime and security of your cement plant systems.

In short time it is possible to install a Densit® wear protection lining or a combined lining of Densit® wear protection material and a very light weight and excellent heat reduction material.

Repairs of existing ceramic linings are very easy with Densit® wear protection materials and furthermore it can be executed in a short time.

Densit can offer single system components like pipes, tanks, cyclones chutes, etc., produced in your country incl. a Densit® wear protection lining.

Primary and Secondary Containment

The name Polyspec/Thiokol has long been synonymous with coatings and sealants with excellent UV resistance, weatherability, chemical resistance and thermal stability.

Our Polyspec/Thiokol coatings are now being used extensively for primary containment such as chemical process and storage tanks, underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks and concrete sumps. Because of their crackbridging ability they are also ideal for use in secondary containment concrete dikes.

Polyspec/Thiokol delivers ideal solutions for even the most complex containment system projects.

Polyspec/Thiokol chemical resistant barrier coatings are intended for use in severe immersion or splash/ spillage conditions such as tank linings, structural steel and secondary containment. 

Other Protective Coatings

Our extensive range of protective coatings cover many different applications in many different markets. We deliver coatings for areas such as:



Water Handling 

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