ITW Engineered Polymers pipeline products ensure the long-term durability of pipelines in even the most demanding environments.

Pipeline Coatings from Futura

Futura's protective coating systems are simply the most versatile polymers available. the Futura-Thane and Protec series of coatings are designed to solve corrosion, erosion and wear and abrasion problems in a variety of pipeline applications and environments.

Our advanced polyurethanes and polyureas are easily spray-applied utilizing existing technology in both shop and field operations. Futura's 100% solids formulations create a uniform, dense, high build coating with environmentally friendly zero V.O.C. - many can be applied direct to metal. Our coatings are available in fast cure or a standard cure for safe, efficient application.

Specifically Formulated for the Petrochemical Industry

Our protective coatings are specifically formulated to handle the tough standards demanded by the petrochemical industry. We ensure an ideal protective coating system that provides a hard, impact resistant coating with long term chemical resistance, corrosion protection and excellent ressistance to cathodic disbondment for steel and ductile iron pipelines. It also provides protection to steel pipes against H2S gas and acidity. 

Below ground, it protects against damage during pipeline burial and underground service procedures. It also provides excellent erosion resistance.
Above ground, varieties of our Protec series have superb UV-stability - great for protecting pipe fittings, elbows and pumps.

The main advantages of Futura pipeline coatings include:

  • Snapset systems
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Solventless fast cure
  • High build, one coat capabilities
  • 100% solids availability with zero V.O.C.'s
  • Cures at lower temperatures
  • Shop or field application with existing technology
  • Outstanding physical and performance properties
  • Labor savings - Cost effective
  • Tough and durable - Prevents handling damage
  • Moisture insensitive varieties available



Chockfast Pipe Supports

Chockfast pipe supports ensure durable and easily installed solutions to pipelines in the oil and gas industry. Equipment reliability is a key component of, and is directly proportional to, profitability for today’s industrial producers.

Epoxy pipe supports or shim blocks are the answer to your pipe inspection problems. They eliminate pipe support corrosion, fretting and vibration associated with the higher costing steel supports.

They require no maintenance and are available in two different styles; wedge shaped or rounded. Both models are fully adjustable and will fit just about any size pipe. Made from the same three component epoxies used in the rebuilding of pipe piers, they are easily removed for pipe inspection and comply with DOT federal regulations. 

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