Commercial Vehicle

Stronger, Lighter, "Greener" Vehicles

Reliability combined with the ease of use of Plexus adhesives have always been appreciated by rail, bus and truck companies. Alstom, Bombardier, Volvo, Virgin and many other manufacturers are choosing Plexus for bonding floating floors and modular washrooms in railway carriages, composite body panels in buses and coaches as well as doors, headlamp surrounds and front grills for trucks.

Our products are benefitial to the transport industry in numerous ways. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Rapid cure at room temperature reduces production time
  • Resistant to oil and diesel
  • Reduced VOC emissions
  • Bonding of dissimilar substrates
  • Virtually no surface preperation
  • Excellent fatigue resistance.

Agricultural Adhesives

Plexus structural adhesives are also extensively used by agriculture machinery manufacturers to reduce production costs, streamline the assembly process and ultimately improve overall machinery performance.

Major manufacturers across the agricultural and Off Highway industry are choosing Plexus as their partner of choice for structural bonding of critical components. JCB, Caterpillar, and Case New Holland among others use Plexus for its strength, reliability, and durability combined with the industry standard technical service to support the design and implementation of the parts. The ability to bond a wide variety of materials including some hard to bond plastics and dissimilar metals gives the designers a far greater choice of options, whilst the multitude of working and fixture times gives the engineers and tier suppliers the most efficient possible option for their process.

We also work in partnership with our customers throughout their design and production process to ensure we provide the right structural adhesives fit for the arduous conditions and environmental rigors for the agriculture environment.

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