Innovative Borwin 3 Offshore Platform Jacket Installation Completed


On May 22, 2018, ITW Performance Polymers successfully finalized the challenging grouting operations for the 900MW Borwin 3 Gamma platform jacket. The jacket design included 4 skirtpiles and 6 mainlegs which were all grouted with a total of roughly 650 tons of the Renowned Ducorit® S5.

The design of the offshore platform was post-piled, which typically includes a narrow grouting annulus. This created challenges with using regular stingers for the grouting operations. To overcome the design challenges, a new and innovative stinger solution was designed by Petrofac, Heerema and ITW Performance Polymers. In March 2018, a test mock up with the innovative design was successfully tested in Aalborg and witnessed by Petrofac, Heerema and German authorities.

The specialized stinger system has been developed as a combined effort by the experienced technical teams of Petrofac, Heerema and ITW Performance polymers, through many years of lessons learned in the offshore wind business. The stinger system provides additional installation flexibility, which enables designers to consider more innovative jacket structures and re-think grout line designs.

The Borwin 3 installation was completed in collaboration with Heerema Fabrication Group and Petrofac. Project manager of the project from Heerema, Fre Olthof, stated:

"Another very successful grouting project by ITW onboard Thialf for the Borwin 3 jacket. The project had 4 skirtpiles and 6 mainleg piles with an amount of > 600 tons of Ducorit S5 grout. All witnessed by MPA BAU third party inspection. During preparation phase ITW managed to fulfill the stringent requirements of the ZIE which resulted in a positive permit from the BSH. Offshore ITW has again proven to be a professional skilled grout subcontractor which resulted in a flawless execution of the grout scope on the Borwin project.

ITW Performance Polymers would like to thank Heerema and Petrofac for another successful offshore installation project and we look forward to future collaborations.

The Borwin 3 project is expected to be operational in 2019 and will supply clean electricity for nearly one million households.  

To see more about the Borwin 3 project, please have a look at this project video created by Petrofac.

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